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At home with Sonos

5 reasons our staff use Sonos at home
and why it’s our biggest favourite with customers
Discover new music  “I use my Sonos to discover new music rather than having to buy CD’s or downloads. Great for deciding what bands to watch at a music festival!.”- Phil
Listen anywhere “I love having Sonos around my house as it allows me to play different music in each room or all at the same time in party mode!” – Chris
Easy to use  “Sonos is easy to use. The display and selections are easy to follow. I can get to my favourite music much quicker than digging through racks of CD’s!” – Steve
Find any radio shows “My Sonos allows me lots of different ways to find my favourite radio stations. I can search by genre, country, presenter and even catch up on past radio shows I’ve missed too!” – Billy
Connects with any device “You can connect Sonos to your existing hifi and play your CD’s or records around your home and even control it with your laptop, iPad or smart phone.” – Martin



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