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CD, Amp & Speakers up to £6k

CD Yamaha
Amplifier Yamaha
Speakers Monitor Audio

A-S2000 Tech review
Plus True colour Constrictor cables


This is where things start getting serious, the Monitor Audio PL100 speakers are the babies of the top Platinum range. They are very revealing and demanding of good drive electronics but the results, when they are carefully matched, are spectacular. They leave no part of the music obscured no matter wether it’s Sibelius ot the Sex Pistols. The CD player and Amp. can be connected with balanced cables*. A professional option, this gives performance beyond most similar priced electronics. These are the lowest prices components we have found with this facility and one factor why they will drive such transparent and demanding speakers to such satisfactory levels. Care with all cables and stands is also well rewarded, getting the best from this system. Call in with any CDs you care to throw at them.

* Balanced cables and why and how they improve the sound are explained in this article at Brilliance Hi-Fi