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CD players

CD6 SE2Cyrus CD 6SE Voted ‘Product Of The Year’ by What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision in 2009, this superb CD Player exudes confidence and outperforms many higher priced models. Featuring the Cyrus SE ‘CD Engine’, advanced error correction and audiophile grade components, this player delivers superb all-round performance. Our 6 XP amplifier is the perfect partner for this award winning CD Player. CD8 SE2Cyrsus CD 8 SE The CD8 SE was voted best CD Player in its category by What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision in 2009.  This accomplished CD Player features the highly advanced Cyrus SE ‘CD Engine’, plus a dual transformer power supply for a purer sound.  It also incorporates a PSX-R socket so that it can be connected and further enhanced to a highly regulated Cyrus PSX-R power supply for additional musical resolution. Our 8 XP integrated amplifier is a perfect match for this remarkable CD Player.
CDXT SECt 2 The CDXT SE+ is a pure CD transport system that delivers the very best sound from a CD. This premium CD Player was voted the best CD player in its category by What Hi Fi Sound & Vision in 2009. Featuring the highly advanced Cyrus SE ‘CD Engine’, dual transformers and PSX-R socket for upgrading to a PSX-R power supply, this is our definitive CD player. The CDXT SE+ is the perfect partner with a DAC X+ or DAC XP+. Alternatively, if you are considering an integrated amplifier solution the 8 XP d or 8 XPd QX are highly capable partners. Stream XCyrus producs Streaming is the bandwagon to be on in 2011. Any electronics manufacturer worth its salt has realised as much and many are already fighting for a slice of what is considered to be the future of audio.

Integrated Amplifiers

6a Amplifier
Cyrus 6a Amplifier
The latest Cyrus integrated amplifiers are all based around a high quality, scalable design, you can order with a number of exciting options to create exactly the system for your needs. The 6a stereo …


Stream XCyrus Stream X The Stream X is based on the Stream XP but without the preamp section. This model is the perfect source to add to a Cyrus system that already includes a DAC such as our range of XPd integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers. It can also be partnered with the flagship DAC XP+ to create a ‘purist’ digital source. Stream XPCyrus-Stream XP Stream XP is the perfect basis for a new high performance system. Select from our wide range of power amplifiers to create a system that will excel with the finest loudspeakers. The inclusion of the latest streaming technology and upgrade options ensure this model will have a very special place in your system for many years to come. Capable of both wired and wireless network connections, Stream XP is the ultimate Cyrus streaming solution.
StreamlineCyrus-Streamline The Streamline is a complete all-in-one music system. Due to its remarkable compact size and stylish appearance it can be the perfect choice for any room. The Streamline is based upon the same platform as the Stream XP but it comes complete with a high performance built-in stereo power amplifier. Furthermore, the Streamline offers great flexibility as it can be upgraded, so you can add more powerful amplifiers if you want to build up your Streamline’s performance in the months or years to come. Because it’s designed for easy use but based on the flagship Stream XP, this is a supremely flexible choice.


DAC XP+Cyrus - DAC XP+

The DAC XP+ is a digital to analogue converter, together with a built in pre-amplifier.  Features twin DACs and twin mono fully balanced stereo pre-amplifier. Combined with the CD XT SE+ and power amps, the DAC XP+ will deliver the ultimate detail and resolution from your music collection. For a first class system, two Mono X amplifiers will partner with the DAC XP+ perfectly.

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