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Arcam rSeries

Arcam’s computer and streaming music products bring thirty years of audiophile engineering skills to modern music formats.

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rCube  A listening revolution. Delivering high fidelity from a single wireless audio streaming package. What HiFi product of the year 2010.
rWand  For iPhone,Ipod or iPad.  Connect to the Arcam rDAC / rDAC-kw and rCube quickly and easily.
rWave+  The perfect way to play music stored on your PC or MAC computer with the rCube or rDac. rWave+ uses KLEER wireless technology for higher fidelity sound. Connects without the need for a conventional wireless networks and setup routines.
drDock  Pushing the performance boundaries of iPod docking. Greater connectivity, wider compatibility and even better sound through a direct digital connection to the docked device.
rPAC  A USB powered DAC and headphone amplifier dramatically improves the performance of PC and MAC computers. Easy to connect, delightful to use and the most effective sonic upgrade for your computer.
rBlink  Bluetooth audio converter.  Streaming music from your favourite mobile device is now easy. Any Bluetooth equipped device can send stunning quality music straight to a HiFi system.

Arcam rCude being carried




Arcam rWand

 Arcam drDock with iPod Touch2Arcam-drDock180
  iPod and iPad for display purposes only