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Ruark MR1 bluetooth speakers

MR1 bluetooth   Overview Specification Overview Specification


Speakers Floor standing the advantagespeakers are easy to move

Speaker Position for Best Sound

Factors which affect speaker performance  in a  domestic environment include:- 1.     The type of floor, either concrete or suspended  floorboards 2.      The interface between the speakers and the surface it rests on, ie  floor, speaker stand, shelf  etc. 3.      The proximity of the speakers to room boundaries, especially corners 4.      The room furnishings […]

Monitor Audio C165

Monitor Audio Vector V20

Monitor Audio i-deck 100

Monitor Audio i-deck 200


Monitor Audio Vector VW8

Monitor Audio Radius RHD-Stands

Monitor Audio Radius R370HD

Monitor Audio Radius R360HD

Monitor Audio Radius R-one HD

Monitor Audio Radius R270HD

Monitor Audio Radius R250HD

Monitor Audio Radius R225HD

Monitor Audio Radius R180HD

Monitor Audio Bronze BX6

Monitor Audio Radius R45HD

Monitor Audio Bronze BXW 10

MA Bronze BX Centre

Monitor Audio Bronze BXFX

Monitor Audio Radius R90HD

MA Bronze BX5

Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

MA Bronze BX1


Bose has a wide product range see website we stock a selection of their products click here for Bose full range Bose LifeStyle 235 Bose V35 LifeStyle Bose LifeStyle T20 Bose LifeStyle T10  Companion 20 MultiMedia  Computer MusicMonitor  Digital Music System SoundDock (B/Silver)  1 SR Home cinema speaker system  

Monitor Audio RX8

A feat of ergonomic brilliance by our design team has engineered the greater poise and power of a large three-way loudspeaker into the svelte RX8. Its ultra-slim front profile conceals a deeper cabinet, which provides the volume needed for seismic levels of bass from dual 6” bass drivers. A single 6” bass/mid driver delivers naturally […]

Monitor Audio-RX6

The elegant floor-standing RX6 design places the new wider bandwidth RX tweeter in concert with freshly designed 6” C-CAM® bass and 6” C-CAM® bass/mid drivers to form a balanced two-and-a-half way system. Separate chambers are used within the enclosure to provide differential tuning for the 6” drivers, producing higher efficiency and exceptional low frequency extension. […]

Monitor Audio RX2

The larger RX2 is designed as an audiophile compact 2-way speaker, having the efficiency and bandwidth of a much larger speaker, while being easier to position around the home. It offers extended high frequencies to resolve hidden detail, coupled with immense dynamic headroom and bass depth, so that all the delicacy and drama of your […]

Monitor Audio BX6

The flagship BX6 offers the fluid neutrality of the BX5 but brings the scale of its larger 2 1/2 way system into play. This potent configuration of twin 165mm (6 1/2″) C-CAM® bass drivers, single 165mm (6 1/2″) C-CAM® mid-bass driver and 25mm (1″) C-CAM® tweeter adds effortless authority to a long list of BX […]

Monitor Audio BX5

The slender BX5 represents a careful re-tuning of the acclaimed BR5 floorstanding model, adding further bandwidth and resolution to a recognised class act. Its sophisticated 2 1/2-way system of twin 140mm (5 1/2″) C-CAM® drivers and 25mm (1″) C-CAM® tweeter is perfected through a series of internal chambers providing the optimum operating environment for each […]

Monitor Audio BX2

The BX2 develops the considerable talents of its award-winning BR2 forerunner to a new intensity. Improved crossover and driver designs combine to re-calibrate the capabilities of an acknowledged class champion, bringing greater dynamic expression, mid-range clarity and lower distortion to lovers of music and film sound. Loaded with a 165mm (6 1/2″) C-CAM® bass mid […]

Monitor Audio BX1

Monitor Audio PL100

The PL100 is a truly compact, wideband speaker capable of expressing the entire micro-dynamic texture of every performance. A rigid cabinet construction, proprietary bracing techniques and advanced damping technologies combine to provide the optimum environment for its wonderfully accurate and detailed C-CAM ribbon tweeter and its lightening-fast, precision-engineered RDT bass driver. The PL100 will draw […]

Monitor Audio RX1

The diminutive RX1 is configured to offer an impressively natural, rhythmic sound in a beautifully compact and practical form. Standing at just 312mm tall, the RX1 will deliver faithful crystal-clear definition and power from just about anywhere. Perfect for music and film sound where space is at a premium, the RX1 provides elite Monitor Audio […]

Monitor Audio

  Monitor Audio is a UK company with a broad range of speakers BX1   BX6 GX50 BX start from £200 RX start from £400 GX Range start from £950  PL start from £2,600 Click for pages BX1 RX1  GX50  PL100 BX2 RX2 BX5 RX6 BX6 RX8   Monitor Audio Ltd is a British owned […]

CD, Amp & Speakers up to £6k

CD Yamaha Amplifier Yamaha Speakers Monitor Audio A-S2000 Tech review A-S2000 PL100 Plus True colour Constrictor cables   This is where things start getting serious, the Monitor Audio PL100 speakers are the babies of the top Platinum range. They are very revealing and demanding of good drive electronics but the results, when they are carefully […]