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Rega CD Players

Saturn Rega CD Player


Connect the Rega Saturn CD player and enjoy the dynamic range and linearity of the unique high-tech operating system fitted within the unit. The Rega Saturn also boasts the latest in signal processing methods, ensuring the quickest and most reliable data retrieval for playback.

The fantastic built-in digital to analogue converter utilises Solid Plymer de-coupling capacitors, while the Nichicon Fine gold audio grade capacitors are bypassed by Evox film capacitors in the signal path – and in the audio sensitive de-coupling positions in the digital to analogue converter.

The Post DAC analogue amplifier and filter is powered through a low impedance supply which results in a greatly enhanced bass output.

These stunning advancements within the Rega Saturn CD player will take your audio listening to a superior level.For full details on this brand new product from Rega please click here


The Apollo-R is the result of many years of innovation, advanced software development and elegant engineering solutions researched by our highly skilled team of engineers and designers. It took the completion of two of our multi award winning products, the flagship Isis CD player and the Rega DAC to pave the way for a unique product we feel encapsulates everything the new Apollo-R should be.A name long associated with great turntables, Rega clearly has their roots in analog. It took years for them to bring out a CD player, but when they did, it was a giant killer. The Rega Planet surprised a lot of people with its performance, changing many a mind about what could be achieved at the price point (under £800). Well, now they’ve done it again. With the release of the Apollo, Rega once again sets the standard for players in the range.

For full details on this brand new product from Rega please click here

 Apollo CD Player