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Cables- remove

Interconnects are a key component for good Hi Fi and TV visual performance and this is often not given enough attention, the difference is easiest grasped with an in store demonstration.

The best way to proceed is to come in store and listed and see the difference in our demonstration room.

If there is something else you know you want or might want, we have other cables in store, please call, email or visit.


True Colours Viper Phono A very good sounding general purpose audio lead for use on budget systems
Cobra phono With secure locking WBT plugs and great sound for use on quality mid-priced and high end Hi-Fi systems.


True Colours King Constrictor A very high grade mains lead which can be used on everything from a 3D TV to a subwoofer, a real success story.
True Colours Mains Multi-Block Available in 6 or 8 way outlets. These can easily replace the standard unit you may well have behind your TV or Hi-Fi systems. The block will clean up the mains and give all your components an easier life, better sound and even picture quality. This is available to see in store with one TV, DVD player and Amplifier with normal mains and another with high quality. See and hear the difference.


QED Signature HDMI Got a 3D TV? Want the best picture and sound transfer from Blu-ray and Sky HD, you need to try one of these to see what you have been missing.

Digital Coax

Nordost Silver Shadow If  you want near state-of-the-art performance from a CD player or iPod dock digital coax output, this is the cable for you.

Speaker Cable

A range of cables

QED Performance range The starting point for performance cable, this range is the minimum we recommend for any AV or music system. Includes:-
HDMI, Phono cable, Optical , Digital Coax, iPod to Hi-Fi

Suppliers websites for each product range are below:-

QED visit  website

Nordost visit website

True Colours visit website