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Separates Feb 2011

Welcome to the first of our recommended systems. Aimed at excellent value for money two channel, Hi Fi sound. To start at the front end, one of the very best sounding CD players is the Rega Apollo, devoid of gimmicks in Rega traditional style, it has a well proven track record for sound quality.

Possibly the most analogue -sounding player at the price. Feed this signal to the Yamaha AS500 for a full function amp which is also great for its price, as well as being the 2010 award winner for best amp under £500.

The signal is then fed to a pair of  Monitor Audio RX-1 speakers. Compact,smart and available in six different finishes to suit most decors.

In addition to these components, to increase versatility and sound quality, adding a turn table such as aRega RP1 will give those boxes of vinyl L.P’s you stashed in the loft a new lease of life, you’ve got to hear it to believe how good it can be at such a low price.

A further addition would be a compactsub woofer such as the brilliant new REL T5, available in gloss black or white.

This addition gives improvement to the system which belies its modest cost. To see only a small pair of speakers but hear full range sound with excellent clarity is well worth the experience.

Further improvement can be had with the addition of a high grade subwoofer mains lead (don’t laugh just listen! ).

Better speaker cable and high grade phono leads, all which can be added at any time and demonstrated to show the improvements possible.

You have to listen and use your own judgement, it’s as simple as that.