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The choices for headphones including wireless and bluetooth.

HD 700 £599.99

Sennheiser HD 700The baby brother the HD 800 retaining a lot of the design features and sound quality. They are also very comfortable and sound better than anything else we have heard at or near the price. For example when used via a suitable headphone amplifier the out of the head sound is quite addictive read more.

HD 800 £999

SD 800 headphonesThese headphones are the flagship product from Sennheiser using an over ear design. They are very comfortable and light weight but very strong by being made primarily from very high tech plastic. They are also incredibly comfortable and can be worn for hours and hours without discomfort, read more.

KEF M 500

KEF m500Excellent £250 headphones New in May 2013 for the better sound on the move and at home, more details.

KEF M200 £150

KEF M200

Outstanding headphones with a mic and volume controls for makingand receiving phone calls from your smartphone, and adjusting music volume read more.


Bose AE2w bluetooth-headphones July11-170Bose AE2w


Bose AE2w bluetooth wireless on-ear headphones the first wireless headphones form Bose and have excellent controls. With a micro-USB port to charge it up but can be used with cable if needed. You can see the battery. The sound is very lear and open. It can also be paired with two devices, this has many uses one of them being if you are listing to music it pauses it if you get a call on your mobile and play again when the call ends, here is a great youtube review. It has over 40 feet of wireless range and a battery life of about 6 to 7 hours with recharge in 4 hours £199.95. Outstanding headphones from a great headphone specialist try them in either store, buy now.

SENN PX100 ii white

The PX100 ii

at £42.99 is a improved version of a top quality headphone at a reasonable price, to read the What Hi Fi 4 star rating here PX100ii

  • Weighty, always listenable delivery
  • solid but foldable

a pair of open headphones designed for use when out and about.” [Read More]..