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Sennheiser Club Orpheus

Sennheiser Club Orpheus

Sennheiser’s world leading Orpheus range was started in 1991 and is regarded by many as the highest quality headphone range delivering an outstanding listening experience. We are one of the few authorised Orpheus dealers in the UK. You can hear the range in our stores today in our demonstration rooms.

Why a headphone amplifier can transform your listening experience.

The digital signal from the CD is converted to analogue in nearly all amplifiers using a seperate amplification circuit in the amp that is not designed for best quality since headphones are not usually used. To get the most the industry has for many years been producing headphone amplifiers that are specifically suited to the impedance and audio needs of headphones. Also the digital to analogue converter in CD players that has a fundamental impact on sound quality can also be key for best sound. The HDVD 800 has its own DAC built in to deliver better sound overall, this can be heard in things like hearing instruments that were not distinct before with smooth and very clear sound from deep bass to fine treble.

Below are our most popular lines with links to reviews.

HD 800 HD 800The flagship product from Sennheiser

  • Biggest transducers ever used in headphones up to today – new innovative dynamic transducer design
  • Uncovered earcups for acoustic and stylistic reasons
  • Handcrafted ear pads, made of high-quality microfiber fabric
  • 2 year warranty
 extended 10 year warranty-smaller

£ 999.90

 HDVD 800 HDVD 800With Sennheiser’s HDVD 800, sound is perfect. The HDVD 800 is able to connect with digital sources and is equipped with a high-quality Burr-Brown digital/analog converter (DAC) that converts digital audio data into analog signals with a resolution of 24 bits and a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz.This is the highest that any domestic product can deliver

  • AES/EBU, S/PDIF, USB inputs
  • Symmetrical (XLR) and asymmetrical (RCA) analog inputs
  • Symmetrical output
  • Sockets for three sets of headphones (two of which are for a balanced headphone output)
  • An optional balanced cable is available to order.
 5yearextended warranty-smaller1



 HD 700 HD 700

  • Open, circumaural dynamic stereo headphones
  • Outstanding soundstage with a warm and balanced audio reproduction
  • Specially-tuned, highly efficient drivers capable of delivering high sound pressure levels
  • Highly optimised ventilated magnet system minimises air turbulence and harmonic, intermodulation distortion
 extended 10 year warranty-smaller

£ 599.90

 IE 800 IE 800The IE 800 the perfected extra wide band (XWB) transducer system.

  • Dynamic linear-phase driver with extremely wide bandwidth (XWB)
  • Very low overall harmonic distortion
  • Ergonomic, oval-shaped ear adaptors for maximum comfort
 5yearextended warranty-smaller1

£ 599.90

Momentum Over-Ear and On-Ear models Sennheiser-Momentum-On-Ear-IE800Momentum IE800
The On-Ear is available in four colours, Blue, Green, Ivory and Pink.

  • Closed design – Closed circumaural headphone design isolate against ambient noise
  • Ease of use – Integrated smart remote with in-line microphone for ease of use
  • Finely selected materials – Luxurious and tough breathable leather headband for optimum sweat and water resistance
  • Premium comfort – Soft and supple finest leather earpads for excellent wearing comfort
 5yearextended warranty-smaller1

Over-Ear £ 259.90

On-Ear £ 169.90

 RS220 IE 800Open, circumaural digital wireless headphone

  • Uncompressed digital audio transmission
  • Transmitter features one analog audio input
  • Range of up to 100 m (line of sight) from sound source and up to 30 m indoors
  • Power on/off, balance control and volume control integrated on headphones
  • Multi-purpose transmitter – Also functions as ‘easy-charge’ cradle and docking
 5yearextended warranty-smaller1

£ 379.90