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In TV & Hi Fi why do good cables in all types from mains leads to HDMI make a difference?

It all comes down to the signal arriving at the destination as it left from the source. Or in the case of mains power, because the 240 Hz current is distorted with noise and interference that it picks up between the source and your wall socket. To see or hear the difference for yourself come in store and hear and see it on TV or just music that are both supplied with mains via a Audioquesst NRG-10 cable. This is just one example of many and although the NRG-10 is £450 it will prove it in about five minutes. Also even the HDMI lead can show visible improvements on the TV and to make a difference there costs a lot less.

If you want something not shown here, call us because we have some other cables in store and in 99% of cases we can get it if we don’t have it already.


 AudioQuest NRG-4 Audioquest NRG 4No matter how perfect an AC power source, distortion is added within any AC mains cable, especially within a stranded cable. Audioquest’s range of high quality mains cables could be the answer. Here we have the Audioquest NRG-4 Mains Lead Read more.