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Panasonic SC-HTE80 Soundbase


Detail is crisp and clear and the overall sound is focused on the midrange.
The treble has plenty of bite and sparkle and doesn’t veer into harsh or sharp territory.

Dialogue is direct and easy to hear, although the Panasonic needs more subtlety to bring out the nuances in voices.

There are two integrated 8cm ‘woofers’ inside the SC-HTE80, but it can’t quite convey the deep and rich bass notes that would make it a more engaging listen.

The Panasonic has a fast, agile delivery. Songs streamed via Bluetooth sound lively, but can edge a little to brightness.

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120W (RMS) Total Power Output
460mm wide Compact body
Flat & Compact Design
Wireless Music Streaming
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Total Power Output
Flat & Compact Design