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Teac Record Player & Double Tape Deck

The new TEAC LP-R500 Vinyl and Cassette Copy Station


To record vinyl and cassettes directly onto CD.

No computers, no software, no technology degree required. See the Record player web site.


W-890R Double Auto-reverse Cassette Deck

TEAC’s newest Double Cassette Deck features everything you need to listen and record your favourite music onto another cassette. It features twinIC logic control mechanisms, parallel recording, Dolby B noisereduction aswell as dual auto-reverse tape transports. Everything at your fingertips inone beautifully crafted and solid unit.


 UD-H01 DAC Amplifier 

32bit D/A Converter with USB Audio Interface

The UD-H01 is a dual digital/analogue converter containing two BurrBrown® DAC chipsets (Type 1795) and a Tenor® USB Audio Class 2 Interface. Thanks to the highquality nature of these components, digital audio data from an external PC is converted to an analogue signal in high resolution Hi-Fi quality using up to 32 bit, 192 kHz asynchronous conversion technology. The resulting analogue signal can be sent to either a set of active loudspeakers or to an external amplifier. The UD-H01 is supplied with both balanced and unbalanced audio output connectors and a headphone connector complete with separate volume control. Two audio inputs (digital RCA and optical) allow connecting additional sources i.e. CD or DVD player.