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Technics C700 Series Range

Comprising the SU-C700 Integrated Amplifier, ST-C700 Network Audio Player, SL-C700 CD Player and SB-C700 Speakers.

Build quality across the range is superb and the retro cosmetic design is a real winner. The digital amp is compact, measuring just 340 x 131 x 324mm (w/h/d). The CD player has a high precision master clock for less jitter for better detail. The fascia has a characteristic illuminated VU meters with a central volume dial. Rather than opt for a common switch-mode power supply, Technics has chosen a classical low-noise, high-capacity linear power supply.

Connectivity comprises six digital audio inputs (three optical, three coaxial), one pair of stereo phonos, a MM phono input for vinyl fans and a USB-B connection for laptop hook-up.
ST-C700 network audio player
The matching ST-C700 network audio player features a central display, offering white text on black. Connections here include both USB-A and USB-B inputs, plus two digital audio outputs (coaxial and optical) and a stereo phono pair, plus an Ethernet LAN. There’s also a DAB+ and FM radio tuner onboard, along with aptX Bluetooth support. The ST-C700 network audio player has been well engineered to reduce the spectre of digital noise.
Technics C700 range