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Cyrus CD Transport

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This new and affordable model from Cyrus called the CD Transport incorporates the latest version of our high-resolution SE2 CD servo ‘engine’. This multi-award winning CD technology is able to read more data ‘right first time’ from a CD than any other system, delivering clearly better resolution. Despite being based on the X series CDXTSE2, the new and fully upgradeable CD transport is priced at under half the price.


The matching Cyrus XPd range of DAC-enabled amplifiers allow you to connect up to five digital and six analogue devices to your system for total flexibility. Partnering the new CD Transport with our award winning 6XPd amplifier will create a truly special hi-fi system with many upgrade options for the future.


In detail

Further Information

The CD Transport features our unique Servo Evolution ‘CD Engine’, audiophile grade components and is factory upgradeable to full CDXTSE2 specification. The CD Transport shares much of the CDXTSE2’s power supply technology (but with a single power transformer, rather than the twin transformer design of the CDXTSE2). This custom transformer feeds 5 separate regulated power supplies keeping motor sections separate from digital sections. The performance of the resulting player has far exceeded our expectations, and is the perfect partner for the highly-rated DAC- enabled Cyrus 6 XPd amplifier.

Inside its alloy die-cast chassis, the CD Transport is a high quality; low resonance CD platform whilst also including MC-BUS for full system integration, twin digital outputs (toslink) and SPDIF (RCA) outputs.




Technical Information

  • Packed into the stylish, compact chassis of the CD Transport is a high quality toroidal power transformer. The transformer has two entirely separate secondary windings with one dedicated to feeding the digital electronics and the other supplying a completely separate feed to the current hungry motors.
  • Partnered with a DAC X or DAC XP the CD transport will deliver ruler-flat linear performance across the sonic spectrum, vanishingly low background noise and class leading jitter rejection, out-performing most integrated CD players. This is the ideal partner to our DAC equipped streaming and integrated amplifiers.
  • A natural upgrade path for the CD Transport owner is to return the player to our factory for upgrade to the CD XT SE2.  This provides an even more advanced power supply and the option to add a PSX_R for the ultimate CD transport solution.
  • The unique MC-Bus connectivity of the CD Transport is in keeping with the total system approach of the Cyrus range of products. This facility allows the CD transport to “talk” to other Cyrus units in the system, enabling the system to anticipate your needs, making a Cyrus system simple to use.
  • The quality lightweight die-cast enclosure of the CD Transport has a myriad of advantages both electrically and mechanically. The non-resonant nature of the alloy minimises microphonic effects, while its non-ferrous composition provides an effective shield from external electro-magnetic disturbances.  It also helps protect the sensitive audio circuitry from any stray magnetic fields coming from the power transformer.

Enclosure: Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis with Slot-loading CD transport
Material: Lightweight alloy and non-magnetic material throughout

Power Supply: 1 x custom toroidal power transformer feeding multiple regulated power supplies
Outputs: 1 x SPDIF coaxial and 1 x optical
Disc-reading transport: Integral Isolated Loader Mechanism with monolithic glass LASER assembly
Disc Compatibility: CD, CD-R (closed session)
Display: Custom LCD with subtle green back lighting
Remote Control: Full function Cyrus system remote control facility
Communications: MC-BUS System BUS

Coaxial Digital output: SPDIF via RCA phono jack socket
Output voltage: 500mV pk-pk
Output impedance: 75 W
Optical Digital output: SPDIF via Toslink transmitter
Clock Jitter: <90pS
Power Consumption: 7.5W
Weight: 3.7 Kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 78 x 215 x 360 (mm): 3.1 x 8.4 x14.1 (inches)
Finish : Quartz Silver or Brushed Black
CD Transport spec