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Plasma TVs


Panasonic Plasma televisions this year cover five different ranges from the budget X60 range through to the high end ZT65 series, they are being released over the next few months. Details on Panasonic’s website here or our P&A site here.

You pay more, you get more, basically from fundamentally better picture quality.
Since all our staff use Panasonic Plasma TVs at home we are happy to explain the benefits from our own experience.

They are called “plasma” displays because the technology uses very small cells containing electrically charged ionised gases. This gives lots of benefits at a price, but they will serve you for years and years, a good investment.

What does this all mean to you, the viewer?

The points below apply to Plasma TVs to various degrees depending on price. There are key components in the Plasma Panels, for example the display, that can have higher specification design, materials and build resulting in a better picture. This is how a £2000 50″ Plasma TV is better that a £1200 50″ Plasma TV. See below for details.

What you get from more expensive components in the Plasma TV

  1. Superior display panel materials – this is fundamental to what you see. For example the ZT65 has in 2013 a new Studio Master Panel.
  2. Real blacks not dark grey.
  3. Less grain in the background
  4. Better contrast for images closest to real life.
  5. Much faster picture refresh rate for superior performance when displaying content with significant amounts of rapid motion.
  6. Better depth perception for close and far away objects.
  7. Wider viewing angles than those of LCD; images do not suffer from degradation at high angles.
  8. The Active 3D Shutter Technology in the glasses is superior to Passive Technology.

The ZT60 also has a new enhancement, the plasma panel is bonded to the front pane of glass. In a technique similar to that employed by the latest smartphones this will help to reduce internal reflections and boost brightness. Read more.

The only way to understand it is to see it. We have two stores with Demonstration rooms for you to see whatever TV you want to try.

Remember, we all use Panasonic Plasma TVs at home and are happy to explain the benefits from experience.

All with 5 year warranty.

For any questions call us on
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