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Yamaha TXS-120 
includes an
integral iPod cradle, DAB+ and FM tuners. The
TSX-120 sounds great at home when DAB+ broadcasts or via iPod or MP3
player. It is really simple to use. It auto scans and presets 30 DAB+
and FM stations. Was £199 Now £149.

Yamaha TSX-100 is an all in one portable audio system that plays
CDs, USB devices and includes DAB/FM/AM tuner. It supports MP3 and
WAV files and comes in black and grey. It has SR-Bass, DAB (Digital
to Analogue Broadcasting), four EQ modes, timer and clock functions. Was £330 now £149.

Yamaha PDX-31
 feels sturdy, and comes with a useful credit-card-sized remote. As
well as iPods, it works with all iPhones. Was £149 now £99.

MA iDeck 200
is similar to it’s little brother but larger with much more power. There’s solid bass and a good sense of dynamics means the track sound punchy and fast. Treble notes are exciting without sounding bright, overall a well integrated sound. Was £250 now £149.

MA iDeck 100
a quality iPod Speaker dock with solid tight base. Was £200 now £99.

Pico, Pico+ and Pico WiFi 

Pico – was £199 now £49.

Pico+ was £130 now £65.

Pico wifi was £150 now £75.

understated good looks, high quality audio performance and supreme
portability. Can be used as a speaker for iPod, iPhone and MP3

Monitor Audio Vector 10

The Vector V10 has a very full base for such as small speaker and
most people would be very happy without a sub, but for listening to
movie sound or multichannel music with an LFE track a subwoofer would
be recommend.
Was £160 now £99.

JVC DD-3 Home Cinema System

The JVC DD-3 Sophisti is a stylish home-cinema unit that uses virtual-surround configuration that means no need for a rear speakers. Was £450 now £249.

Pioneer XW-NAV1 Dock Music System

This is is an unusual box of tricks. As well as an iPhone compliant dock, it’s also a CD/DVD player with 1080p upscale output, a CD ripper, FM radio and a USB media player. Was £219 now £169.

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